I have observed two quite disparate ways to sleep under a rock, knowingly or un-knowingly; one might say, consciously or un-consciously, but the analogy of “consciousness” is a philosophical conundrum with a mouse-wheel of endless opinions, best left for discussion by the “thunkers” among us. Either way; that we are currently midst a massive exchange of energies on this planet by now cannot be in dispute. Violent, often inexplicable, inter-class-conflict and warfare among cultures, races, religions, isms and systems; group agin group, rich agin poor and on and on is endemic. An excursion to gain some perspective on all this chaos is also a voyage of catharsis, as the elusive pillars of “Pragmatic Responsibility” and “Blind Faith” battle for intellectual supremacy in our informationally challenged minds. Yet, a third path is always present; “Infinite Mystery” for some, “Deep Wisdom” for others, a path universally recognized as Divine in Nature Spiritual in Energy. And now,  emerging from this Natural divinity there is a Spirituality in energy.

Not new news for those who have “known all along” that they were more than just a 3D body, but news nonetheless that could explain a reported increase of people publicly espousing long-held, “esoteric”, private beliefs and experiences, seeking answers and, in some cases, attempting to provide them. And now, with technologically complex yet simple-to-use tools of mass communication easily available, the “World Wide Web” and it’s global audience of millions is literally at everyone’s fingertips, Global “Inter-Class” platform able to provide all kinds of answers for those seeking community, knowledge and guidance.

In the past, a Soap box on London’s “Hyde Park Corner” was a good way to get your message across to the masses. Now, you can blog and build a web-site to proclaim your message across the inter-webs. For you, perhaps a Sacred Space on-line; a haven of Universal Connection, Understanding and Love that represents you and your connection to the Divine, through which Universal Spirituality streams, permeates and informs every atom of your existence, yes, even your web-site. This is your opportunity to Rise above the confusion created by all the noise and chaos and break through while all around appears to be breaking down. This is how the Spiritual Web Architect appears on your radar.

For now, pay attention and, when ready, when moved by Spirit, be there to see and be seen.