88 Creative Content Ideas for Better Business Blog Posts, Images, or Videos

The point is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, slaving away over a blank page for hours in an effort to come up with something to [...]

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US Audio Podcast Consumption

Download the Podcast Consumer 2017 Report here. A reliable indicator that podcast consumption plays a major role in creating a fully integrative web market and web-design experience, [...]

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Web Design: 15 Important Research Findings You Should Know

Design is a key determinant to building online trust with consumers.  Users will wait longer for better content. Users will wait between 8-10 seconds for information on [...]

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The New Era Of Audio In Web Design

Audio Matters Even More In A Connected World   January 5, 2017  When we think about the technology that pervades our lives, we realize that audio (in [...]

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Divine in Nature Spiritual in Energy

DIVINE IN NATURE SPIRITUAL IN ENERGY I have observed two quite disparate ways to sleep under a rock, knowingly or un-knowingly; one might say, consciously or un-consciously, but the analogy [...]

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