In order to help with decision making during the logo creation process here are some useful guidelines to discuss between client and designer. The product is to gain a better understanding of how the client envisions the visual representation of his brand and be able to turn it into a suitable digital graphic design that can be used in the client’s designated contexts and environments as gone over in point 4 below.

0.) Do they a) have a clear understanding and expression of their brand? b) really need a LOGO or is a well designed HEADER a better option?

1.) Is Company/Product/Service name to be used in the logo / header?

2.) Tag line (if any.)

3.) Tell me a little more about your product/service…

4.) Describe the audience you’re targeting (age, gender, interests, income, geography, etc.)

5.) How do you want to be known in your industry when compared to your competitors?

6.) Do you have an idea of what you want? If so, describe in as much or as little detail as you’d like?

7.) Are you currently working with any time constraints? Ideally, how soon would you like to have your new logo completed?