When starting out on any new webdesign project a set of guidelines can be helpful for both designer and client to establish roles, goals and agreement. The product is to gain a better understanding of how the client sees their website and what intention they have for it; what kind of user experience do they want visitors to have when they are browsing for and viewing their product.

  1. Gather lots of descriptive and origin information about the client, their brand and their intended public / audience.
  2. Will it be a static or active website?
  3. Establish and note if they have a clear mission statement for their business – product, service or concept.
  4. Do they have a clear understanding and expression of their brand?
  5. Do they:  a) have and want to use a logo?  b) need to get and use a logo?  c) want to create a header only, using a catchy image and font?
  6. Define role as webdesign originator and creative colaborator.
  7. In addition to establishing style of HEADER or LOGO as above, go over all post / page options; what kinds of pages the client wants and how they want to populate them. Be sure to cover CONTENT and STYLE.

HOMEPAGE               _

SIDEBARS                   _

POSTS                          _

PAGES                          _


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